Thanks for checking in, my name is Eric Holden and I have been working with technology for most of my life (from Elementary school AV club to Ivy League University AV Manager) and I continue to love helping people solve problems. I am fearless when exploring new technology and am experienced working where there is no manual or google search to refer to when things stop working. 

Currently I am supporting the Visual Arts Department at Cornish College of the Arts (and it has been my honor doing so for over a decade). My primary goal at Cornish is to make sure Students have a positive experience with their use of Technology and to help introduce them to new and exciting uses of tech in their Design research. 

Outside of work I enjoy sculpting in virtual reality, playing Dungeons and Dragons with childhood friends (for almost 30 years now!), exploring the wilderness on backpacking trips, and dining at all the amazing restaurants Seattle has to offer. 

If you have any questions for me feel free to drop me an email and say hi! 

Eric C Holden