User Research Plan:

Usability Testing Plan

Date of Test: 

Location of Test: 

Number of Participants: 4

Prototype: X-Ray Helpdesk iPhone App v.03


The purpose of this series of usability tests is to try out the Helpdesk App in its most basic functionality and to see if this is an item that would be useful to helpdesk professionals.



  1. Create a new user account.

  2. Create a help desk ticket.

  3. Close and archive a ticket.

  4. Scan a QR Code to get information about a user.

Research Questions.


1.What help desk ticketing software do you currently use?

2.What do you like about it?

3.What don’t you like about it?

4.If you could add any feature(s) what would it(they) be?



We will be doing a series of moderated usability tests using an iPhone.


Number of Participants: 4                       Time Per Interview: 10 Minutes

Moderator Roles:

One Facilitator (The facilitator is the one running the test and guiding participants through the session.)

Testing Environment:

Board Room “A”


_ a consent form (qty. 4)

          _ an iPhone (with charging cable and wall jack)

          _ Pen and Paper

          _ Camera to record testing.


"Hi! My name is Eric Holden and today we will be doing some usability testing for a prototype of an app called X-Ray. You will be recorded while we go through testing, so please think out loud about anything that comes to mind while you are using the app. I have a consent form for you to fill out before we continue."

(Have Respondent fill out form)

"Thank you! We will be spending the next ten minutes testing the app, going through account creation, ticket creation, and using a tag reading system to identify user information. Once again, there are no incorrect answers."

"1.For our first task, I would like you to create a user account, but before you starting pushing buttons, could you please take a moment and tell me what you expect the process of account creation to be like?"


"2.Next I would like to set up a scenario for you. You are coming back from your lunch break and a CEO of your company approaches you at the elevator, She mentions that she sent a Helpdesk ticket a few minutes ago and it is an urgent problem. You decide it is always a good thing to keep the company CEOs technology working, so you follow her to her desk. Using the app, could you check what her ticket was, pretend you solved the issue, and go about the process of closing the ticket out?"


"3.You run into Jenny again, this time it is in the lunch room, she mentions a computer issue that you know the solution to and can solve pretty quickly. She needs to run and won’t have time to send a ticket. Can you go through the process of creating a ticket using this app?"


"4.One last feature we would like to test today is our user scanner. Using our cloud based database, you would be able to log in, enter information about a user, and then generate a QR code. What kind of information do you think you would find with the scan? Can you please go ahead and go through the process of scanning a tag?"

Follow up Questions:

"1.What were your overall thoughts about the experience?"


"2.Is this something you would use every day?"

"2a.If this isn't something you would use every day, would there be any features we could add that would make it something you would find useful?"