Week Three / by Eric Holden

This week in class we went through some ideation workshops to build on from our findings in our research. Our assignment was to make sketches based on the ideas we came up with in the workshop for features we can use in our Conference Application. 

Sketch one:

My first sketch was exploring the AR Interaction between Sponsor and Attendee from pencil sketch to a digital one. One name for the system I am playing with at the moment is IxDA Enhanced (which would open this up to more than just sponsor exchange. Wherever people see the IxDA enhanced logo they would know they could use this part of the app to see an interactive experience). 

AR Ehanced.jpeg

My next step for this sketch is to storyboard the experience to help communicate the process more easily. Prototyping this effect may not be possible in the time frame given or this feature won't be picked up for the group project so I want to take this idea as far as I can so after the capstone project ends, I can research this more.

Sketch Two:

I am calling this idea, "Peak-A-Boo". If you slightly hold and drag the home screen down it reveals your next event (bonus points if inside the "nav-wheel ((working title)) a small compass would appear and point to the location of event). If you pull full down, brings the user to schedule. 

Also made some sketches for even listing, searching, and filtering.

Peak a boo.jpg

Sketch 3:

My final sketch this week is just a quick exploration of how a quick access map could work.

venue map.jpeg