Week Two / by Eric Holden

In week two all of the IxDA groups formed a supergroup to create an affinity map to create a vision and foundation of our project.

The super affinity map we made.

The super affinity map we made.

Our Group Generated the following Path for our project:


  • Make it feel “Seattle”

  • Audience connectivity

  • Engagement outside of the conference

  • Sponsorship engagement

  • Early app adoption/download

  • Relevant / useful information

  • Accessibility

  • Brand consistency and theme incorporation



  • Cool factor

  • Ease of use “one-handed-app”

  • The catalyst for creating human connections

  • Incorporating AR and emerging tech


Focus Areas

  • Authentic engagement (peer to peer)

  • Interactivity / Fluid relevance & re-engagement  

  • “One-handed-app”, good IA & ease of use

  • innovation, new and different


Guiding Principles/ decision breakers

  • One-handed app

  • Relevance to needs (attendees & conference)

  • Brand on track



  • Discovery. what we don’t know

  • Collect all data, sort, & plan a map / Competitive analysis

  • Brainstorm - cool factors, prototyping, needs

  • Surveys

  • Gorilla interviews

  • Prototyping



  • Social media participation

  • % of downloads / attendees

  • Usage / downloads

  • Positive user feedback (follow up survey)

  • Connections made (peer to peer)

Next, we agreed to meet in person on Thursday to brainstorm a bit as well as tasks to complete and share.

My task was to create a site map of the last app for this event. Other group tasks are a survey  of conference goers and site comparison. We set a deadline of sending out the survey by Wednesday and have the other items of research ready along with survey results by next class.

Here is the site map of the Interaction 2016 event. 


Initial Insights:

  • Event has a ton of speakers to navigate. Was overwhelming and could have been organized.

  • Make app die gracefully. This app has not aged well as pictures and other content have vanished.

  • Titles for events are very long.